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What is the purpose of incorporation into a municipality?


It usually is to have municipal services provided that are greater than what the county provides, to be in control of development, and have an identity that brings together the residents in a common bond. Ocean Breeze has none of that.


Ocean Breeze was a trailer park when it incorporated. It was a time when Florida was a backwater. It was a way for the owners of the trailer park to really control things without pesky interference from county officials. Today, that area is known as a resort.


Over the years, it annexed in properties such as the Ocean Breeze shopping center and the new development, Seawalk was built on vacant land. The town was much more amenable than the county to getting those projects developed.


The town is right up against downtown Jensen Beach which is in unincorporated Martin County. The focal point of Ocean Breeze is the old trailer park that has been completely remodeled.


All seven elected town leaders reside in the park. And they are not very accommodating to the Seawalk folks. Their meetings are held during the day, which is fine for the mostly retired resort residents, but not so good for anyone else.


The town has the county sheriff and Martin County Fire/Rescue for public safety. Their building department and code enforcement rely on county staff who are moonlighting. Government is run out of a rented office and meetings are held at the resort’s clubhouse. There is no public works department, programs, or parks.


Ocean Breeze has no purpose as a town. It is a relic from another time often referred to as ”Old Florida” when a handshake and perhaps something else got a bill through the legislature. Their purpose to continue as a municipality should be questioned by the residents since they are the ones paying taxes to fund it.


There is one purpose that continued incorporation can have for Ocean Breeze. Ocean Breeze could work with downtown Jensen Beach to annex providing the community with a voice in its own development. Jensen was incorporated in 1926 but dis-incorporated during the 1930s Great Depression. Maybe it should be incorporated again. If old time Jensen were to be annexed into Ocean Breeze, then a viable municipality could be created.


That is highly unlikely to occur. What is more likely is that the new residents of Seawalk will eventually take over the town council and perhaps find a reason for the town to continue. Otherwise, they may move to disband.


There is nothing to report from the council meeting held on January 10th.




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The next meeting will be January 10, 2021.




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The next meeting will be January 10, 2021.

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The next meeting will be December 13, 2021


Ocean Breeze Latest News From The November 21, 2021 edition




Bill Arnold, Kenneth De Angeles, and Kevin Docherty were re-elected to the council with no opposition. Congratulations to the three on their new terms.


De Angeles was unanimously re-elected as president as was Gerold as vice-president.


Ann Kagdis made a report regarding the Chamber of Commerce, Neighborhood Advisory Committee, and Historical Society. A frightening fact she cited was that Martin County has the most deaths in Florida from Opioids.


Gerold brought up the fact that Sun Communities had begun a paving project without the proper paperwork being filed. That was due to a misunderstanding between staff and Sun. While they do not need a permit, they do need to file a PUD Amendment.


Gerold wants to waive the application fees. After discussion, a motion was made to do so, but there was some confusion about whether it was permissible or not. The town consultant was absent, so it was decided to wait until the next meeting for his input.


The low water pressure to parts of the park is due to pipes that are the responsibility of Sun and not Martin County Utilities. The resort has hired Joe Capra and MacKenzie Engineering to investigate the matter.


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Next meeting will be November 8, 2021

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Council Member Docherty has now tried for the second time to have the meeting time moved to 5 pm. His reasoning is that the new town inhabitants in Sea Walk cannot participate at 10:30 am because they are working. This is also prohibiting them from running for office.

Docherty is not wrong in that sentiment. Mayor Ostrand is of the same mind. But never let it be said that the powers that be will give them up lightly. Other council members who may face election opposition had reasons why the morning time is fine with them.


Staff is not excited either about coming in the evening. Docherty made a motion that died for lack of a second. What happens now? Another six months will go by and then I believe Docherty should bring it up again and this time have as many people as possible at the meeting to speak in favor of his proposition.


He can also send out a survey to every voter and have them weigh in if he believes that it is the best way forward. At some point those that believe 100% elected representation from the resort is not fair and will put up candidates for election. If they win a majority of the 6 seats, then they will only have to come to one meeting in the morning to change the time. They will need only three others elected who want a more equitable meeting time.


The town’s allotment of ARPA is $190,000. What to spend it on?


Town Manager O’Neil doesn’t believe they can meet any of the thresholds for spending the money. If the county spends the money on the town’s behalf and administers it, the county will not be responsible if the state wants the money back. A suggestion was made to spend the money on a county project that would benefit Ocean Breeze. I do not see how the town would be eligible to spend ARPA dollars outside their borders.


It was decided not to take the money. When you have no infrastructure, it is difficult to do anything.



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The next meeting will be October 11, 2021.



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The next meeting will be October 11, 2021.


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The meeting was called only to approve a resolution to an ordinance regarding the town not accepting a dedication of land. The time for the meeting on the sign was wrong which meant the vote could not be held.

At an earlier meeting, President De Angeles asked whether it was time to stop being an incorporated town. That is a good question and one that should be studied.


What is the reason to be a municipality? It is so the residents can have services. But this town provides no services…no public works, police, fire, water, or sewer. The three distinct parts of the town are the shopping center, the new residential development, and Sun Communities.


The town has no parks or recreation program. The current council members pay no taxes because their properties are owned by Sun Communities. There are no representatives from either the shopping center or the new community on the council.


This is not to denigrate the staff, but taxes are being collected only to pay their salaries rather than for the town to provide services. What would the residents lose by being unincorporated?


The area that should be incorporated is downtown Jensen Beach. The result would be a real municipality. The merchants and residents could benefit from having their own zoning and LDRs. If I were the council, I would reach out through the local chamber to see whether Ocean Breeze could “annex” Jensen and then change the town’s name. In my opinion, that would make some sense.     





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The next meeting is August 9, 2021





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Election time is here again. There are three seats up this year. The terms of Ken De Angeles, Bill Arnold and Kevin Docherty are expiring. The qualifying period is August 2nd to August 23rd. Please contact the town office for more information if you are considering running.

    Treasure Coast Regional              League of Cities

Mayor Ostrand was honored as a Home Rule Hero. She was presented with the award by the Florida League of Cities. Jolien Caraballo, the President of the Regional League of the Treasure Coast and 2nd Vice President of the Florida League was there to represent the league.


Representative Oberdorf was invited to discuss the concept of Home Rule and to give a legislative update. His staff said he could not be there when the meeting began at 10:30 but could be there at approximately 11:30. Oberdorf had confirmed as late as last Friday that he would attend at 10:30.


In some ways, Oberdorf has not been a friend to local government. Many of his bills, such as allowing businesses to operate out of homes and not allowing anonymous code complaints, are just some of the things that he sponsored last session that are now law. Local governments are being stripped of their ability to react to local concerns about local issues.


I admit some of the things that local governments do are silly. Look no further than the Stuart straw ordinance. Yet, what is silly and ineffectual should be up to local residents to determine through local elections. It should not be the providence of the “Lords of Tallahassee,” a title Oberdorf has embraced over that of “Servant of the People.”


The meeting adjourned at 11 am.



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The next meeting will be July 12, 2021.


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The next meeting will be July 12, 2021.

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The next meeting will be June 14, 2021.  

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Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the May 10, 2021 meeting. If there was anything of substance, I will report it in the next newsletter.


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The Next Council Meeting Will Be May 10, 2021 



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This was the proclamation meeting. It began with Habitat for Humanity receiving one. Then came the LifeLink Foundation. That was followed by The Inner Truth Project for “Sexual Awareness Month.”


After the proclamations came a resolution urging the legislature to stop usurping home rule authority. After about a decade of seeing these type proclamations at Ocean Breeze and elsewhere, I can write that unequivocally the Florida legislators (including our own) pay no attention to them.


The council extended the Federal Families First Corona Response Act regarding paid COVID sick leave policy.

Finally, during council comments, the RV problem was discussed. The RVs were supposed to be relegated to a small area by January of 2022. The catch is that because of the continued states of emergency that date is now a thing of the past. Every time there is one enacted by the governor, it stops any development timeline until after the emergency plus six months.


When the legislature enacted that law, it created havoc in local government’s enforcement of development orders (see how much legislators care above.) There is no court ruling as to whether two states of emergencies at the same time makes the six months run consecutively or concurrently. It sounds like a prison sentence.


At this point, no one knows once the Covid emergency declaration is lifted what will happen because there was another declaration enacted during a hurricane. This effects not only the RV placement but also other provisions of the development order with Sun Communities. As soon as someone figures it out, I will let you know.  



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The next meeting will be April 12, 2021




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The next meeting will be April 12th.


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There was a meeting on March 8th, but I was unable to attend. The agenda had nothing of substance.



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The next meeting will be March 8, 2021

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During the council meeting, a meeting of the zoning board was inserted. The zoning board is comprised of the council plus a non-voting school board representative. The school board assigned Li Roberts as their representative.

They met as the zoning board to recommend adoption of a series of comp plan changes to conform with current law. That went rather smoothly. Next came Mayor Ostrand once more pitching either buying or building a town hall.


There is a section of the plan where a feasibility study can be done as to whether the town hall idea should proceed. Ostrand continued to mention that the rental office they now have is just a room. There is no privacy for staff or to meet with people.


Vice President Gerold was the person most vocal about whether there was a need or not for such a place. Gerold said the new owners in the section of town known as Sea Walk being constructed by DR Horton pay or will pay about $1000 a year in taxes to the town. Probably next year, the rate will be reduced according to Gerold.

There is not a park or other amenity in the town. The people who live within the resort do not pay real estate taxes. It is part of their land lease cost to Sun Communities. Every elected official lives within the resort area. It is obvious that the entire government of the town needs to be looked at for viability.


President De Angelis kept asking about what services the town will provide that would require such a building Ostrand kept saying it is not about service but having a place to tie the town together. Government is all about providing service.


As the homes are sold, it is unlikely that homeowners will be anxious to pay the current $1000 a year for town taxes and increase it more so that a town hall can be built. The town would never be allowed to incorporate today. The only reason it did do so 60 years ago was because the owners of the then trailer park could exert more influence over what they did internally.


At some point those new homeowners need to be represented on the council and have at least an equal voice, if not a greater one, on how their tax dollars are spent. And it won’t be to have a place for three parttime employees to work and the council to meet once a month.


This will come back for second reading after the state approves of it. At that point, the council should place a dollar limit on the feasibility study. Otherwise, what appeared to be the council trying to appease the mayor in her desire could spend several thousand dollars on something that they have no intention of doing.


At the last meeting, the council would not allow a resident to remain that wouldn’t wear a mask. I agree with that decision for the welfare of the rest of the people who were at that meeting. In this meeting, the president wore his mask under his chin. No one said a word. Something wrong there.


It should also be noted that the photo of the council on the website still has Ann Kagdis as one of the members. She hasn’t been there for over a year. Her replacement, Bill Arnold, is nowhere to be found in the photo. No sense in having a website (though it is required by law) if it doesn’t have the right members being shown.



Ocean Breeze Latest News From The January 24, 2021 edition



The meeting was short and sweet. Nothing was passed or discussed that had relevance to the governing of Ocean Breeze.


One woman started yelling before the meeting began regarding the requirement that she wear a mask. The council was firm. She was given the opportunity to sit in the back far from the rest of us without the need to comply. That wasn’t good enough for her because she said she had a hearing difficulty. However, when different council members answered her using the same amplification system used during the meetings, she had no problem hearing.


Which got me to thinking about how much of a right does any one person have if it places society in danger? These meetings are held at the resort’s clubhouse which require masks. As the virus grows exponentially, why should one person’s discomfort endanger everyone else’s health?





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The next meeting will be January 11, 2021


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The next meeting will be December 14, 2020


Ocean Breeze Latest News From The November 22, 2020 edition


There was an uncontested election in Ocean Breeze. Three council members, Gerold, Locatis, and Wagner were sworn in for a new two-year term. Karen Ostrand was unopposed for Mayor.

Congratulations to all!

Yet it is a little sad that no residents from the new homes chose to run. Maybe at the next election they will. Once they settle in a bit, they may start to wonder what is the purpose of the Town of Ocean Breeze?

While the residents of Sun Community (all current elected officials live within the park) have their real estate taxes as part of their land rent, that is not true of these new homeowners. Each of them receives an individual tax bill outlining exactly what they pay to be a citizen of the town.

Council Member Docherty mentioned that one of the boards that he is a member of on behalf of the town meets at the same time as the monthly council meeting. That introduced the larger matter of whether the time for the council meeting should be changed. Docherty stated that he and most of the new home residents work full time which makes it harder to attend daytime meetings.

Docherty was not in favor of changing the meeting time now but would like it considered after the first quarter of next year. A couple of the council members said that the newer town residents could read about the meeting on the town’s website since they could not attend.

Locatis and Arnold were not in favor of changing the time. Gerold wants to study the matter more. The Town Clerk said that staff was hired with the understanding that meetings were held during the day.

Docherty made a motion that staff bring back what I believe would be a draft ordinance. Staff is to ascertain the pros and the cons of changing the meeting time. It was seconded by Gerold. Interestingly, President De Angeles did not have the clerk do a roll call vote. It appeared to me that the motion failed on the voice vote, but he said it passed.

At some point, there needs to be a serious discussion concerning the merits of Ocean Breeze’s designation as a town. What does it supply its residents…all the residents? There really is little infrastructure. Most roads are private. There is zoning but really it has only PUD agreements to enforce. Code enforcement is done by the same person that is responsible in the county.

Moving the time of the meeting is the least of the worries. An incorporated municipality is different from a homeowner’s association. Taxes are not association dues. If the town is going to survive having new residents, it needs to offer them something more than a name.



Ocean Breeze Latest News From The November 8, 2020 edition

The Next Council Meeting will be November 9, 2020

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The October 18, 2020 edition



It was a meeting that lasted less than a half hour.


Town Consultant Terry O’Neil spoke about how the County will be making West End Avenue one way. It is anticipated that it would be south bound. The Town asked for an analysis since that will impact traffic flow. According to Mayor Ostrand and O’Neil, the County has not been as cooperative as they could be.


That is too bad since Ocean Breeze constituents are part of the County. If West End becomes one way south, then all traffic leaving by that exit will need to turn onto Maple Avenue to get to Jensen Beach Blvd. That would include the RVs that primarily use that exit.

Mayor Ostrand mentioned a blood drive in partnership with Sun Communities on November 7th. It is by appointment only. There will also be a 60-year celebration of the founding of the Town on November 9th. There will be a cupcake tree and other things. Be on the lookout for flyers for both those events and you can contact the Town Office for more information.

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The next meeting will occur on October 15, 2020

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The September 20, 2020 edition

The Town Council passed its annual budget.

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The September 6, 2020 edition

The next meeting will be September 14, 2020

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The August 23, 2020 edition



The meeting was about finalizing the docks for Sun Communities. For the past year or so, Sun Communities and the Town have been discussing placing the docks in the river. They have gone back and forth. For a moment, it seemed that another meeting would be needed because of confusion about the number of posts needed for the elevator lifts.


If you look at the diagram, you will see that there are no lift posts attached. Why the Council cares about this is another question. The two things that boards should be concerned about are how many docks will be permitted in total and whether they will be allowed to be rented to others besides residents. Everything else will be handled through permitting with the Town staff and DEP.


I wonder when the owners of the new homes will start to come in and want to know why their taxes are so high and why they have no representation on the Council. They are going to want to have amenities and they could not care less about Sun Communities. This Council needs to broaden its scope to look at things that all residents of the Town are concerned about. The diagram can be found here



A motion was made by Gerold and seconded by Docherty. It passed 5-0.

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The August 9, 2020 edition

Next Meeting August 10th

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The July 26, 2020 edition

Next Meeting August 10th

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The June 28, 2020 edition

The next meeting is scheduled for July 13, 2020

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The June 14, 2020 edition



The meeting was held at Riverside Park at the Francis Langford Pavilion. It was good to be back after a couple of months.


The County gave a COVID-19 update. There has been no one from the Town that tested positive. There was also a hurricane shelter presentation. Because of social distancing, the County is looking at opening 8 or 9 shelters instead of the usual 4.


John Maehl, the County person in charge of water issues, asked that the Town support the County’s position regarding the federal water savings clause that the County is against. Stuart already has signed a letter of support of that position. A motion was made by Arnold and seconded by Locatis to follow that lead. It passed 6-0.


Their audit report had a clean opinion. There was both income and expenses that were less than they previously were. It was pointed out that grant money had come to an end and all work was completed.


The entire report can be found here



Several months ago, the Council instructed its staff to engage Marcela Camblor to see whether it is feasible to have a multi-modal connection to the plaza where Publix is. That would mean going outside the Town onto Maple Street and Jensen Beach Blvd. Although doable, there are challenges.


Currently, it is illegal to use a golf cart on County roads unless the cart is street ready. While you could use sidewalks, the current ones are not wide enough to legally do so. There would need to be negotiations with property owners. Gerold also brought up that the railroad crossing will be reconfigured when the second track is added. This is complicated.  Further state roads do not allow golf carts, and Jensen Beach Blvd becomes a state road after the tracks.


To read her report click here




The Mayor has a vision. It did not look like that vision was shared by the Council.


It was interesting that this could have been the most important part of the meeting. Yet I and only one other resident stayed for what should have been noticed as a visioning session. The Council President called the items out, and the Mayor (whose show this was) led mostly a discussion with herself.

The first thing she wanted to discuss was paying the Council and officers a salary…not much of one but something so that people would understand their worth. Both the President and Vice-President flat out said no. The rest stood silent. In my opinion, the Town of Ocean Breeze should not have a paid Council. They were right to say no.


The second thing mentioned was regarding quorum and voting. The Town Attorney said that he can only remember once in 35 years where there was a problem with having quorum. The Council of 6 members, which is an even number, has not had very many tie votes. It is also unusual that there is an elected mayor that is not a member of the Council. Again, no member of the Council wanted to discuss any changes.


Mayor Ostrand then mentioned changing the meetings to perhaps later in the day to accommodate the residents from the new homes. The only Council Member that seemed interested was Docherty. He still works full time. The time of their meeting is set by ordinance and not by statute so no charter amendment would be needed. At some point if the new residents become involved, most will probably be working and then it may be necessary to change the time.


She wants Ocean Breeze to have its own Town Hall. The only problem is there is no place for the Town to do so within the Town boundaries. There was some confusion as to whether legislation had been passed in Tallahassee to allow a meeting place outside of the Village. Mr. Crary will have to investigate it. The building Ostrand found is the Wells Fargo building in downtown Jensen Beach for about a million dollars.


The Mayor said she could find grants for the purchase. Nothing was really mentioned about the costs of renovation. There is much due diligence needed before proceeding including an appraisal that can support the price. The Town is rather small and there are only a few employees, I cannot see going into debt for it. The Council recommended she gather more information including ongoing maintenance costs. 


The idea of Town promotional events was raised…to silence.


Lastly, she wanted to speak about annexation. That would not be a bad idea if you pitched it to the businesses of Jensen Beach. The only reason they would want to begin paying higher taxes would be if they received a benefit. It would have to be to encourage heavier development, and ultimately, a loss of control for the current Council.


Also, the way annexation works is that the property owner comes to you and requests it. This fact will make it less likely to occur unless they begin negotiating with Jensen so that Jensen could use Ocean Breeze as a shell to have its own municipality free of Martin County.


Ocean Breeze Latest News From The May 31, 2020 edition

At present there are no meetings scheduled.

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The May 20,  2020 Edition

At present there are no meetings scheduled.

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The May 3, 2020 Edition

At present there are no meetings scheduled.


Ocean Breeze Latest News From The April 17, 2020 Edition

The April 13th Meeting was cancelled.


CORRECTIONS:  In the last newsletter, I stated that the RV parking would end in January 2021. The correct date is January 2022.


The phone number for the office was listed incorrectly in what I was provided. It should be 772-334-6826.

Ocean Breeze Latest News From The April 5, 2020 Edition

Until further notice the Town’s offices are closed to the public. They will continue to be manned Monday-Friday 9 AM to 2 PM. You can reach them at 772-334-6828 or the Clerks cell at 772-807-2557. The email is townclerk@townofoceanbreeze.org


All further Council meetings have been cancelled until further notice.




Sun Communities is continuing to allow RVs to park on its pads. As you can see from the emails below to some residents it is a concern:


From James Lynch who lives at Ocean Breeze:


Why is ocean breeze still bringing in RV rentals?

4 today 1 from NY (JL)


Do you live in Ocean Breeze? (TC)


Yes, I do. (JL)


OK I will see what I can find out for you. (TC)

Here is what I sent to Chris Walters (Resort Manager) below and his reply

RE: Keep us safe


Florida says no more rentals and for us at ocean breeze close the gates. They have been open for 3 days

Florida Gov. DeSantis suspends new vacation rentals amid COVID-19 concerns


Hi Jim,

Pursuant to our March 28th 2020 Face Book post we are aware of the Governors order to suspend Vacation Rentals and are in compliance. Our Main gate only is currently programmed to be open from 7am to 7pm at this time to accommodate the large volume of our at risk resident deliveries from Amazon, Fed Ex, UPS, Meals on Wheels, Home Health Care and other carriers in an effort to encourage Social Distancing and to ensure that the much needed supplies reach our residents . Ironically I found myself locked out of the coastal gate while making a quick trip to the grocery store this morning while forgetting my phone. Should you observe suspicious individuals it is my recommendation that you contact the  Martin County Sheriff’s office at (772) 220 – 7000 while providing their office with a description to include the vehicle, plate number if available and description of the suspect to include details such as clothing. It has been my experience that the Sheriff’s office responds in a matter of minutes and this description is extremely helpful in their investigation. Hope that you, Dawn and family remain safe.


Chris Walters


After speaking with Terry O’Neil, the Town Consultant, I wrote back to Mr. Lynch:




I spoke with Ocean Breeze Consultant Terry O’Neil today.


According to him and from what I understand the Governor’s Order states is that resorts are exempt. 


Terry did tell me that Sun has stopped renting their units. As to the RVs headquarters hasn’t told them to stop them as of yet. Under the PUD Agreement they may have RV rentals until January 2021.


If there was enforcement because of the Governor’s Order, Mr. O’Neil stated it would be by the Sheriff’s purview. 


Not very helpful I know.


He answered:


Thomas, thank you your quick response and hard work.

        James Lynch


Mayor Ostrand spoke at the special BOCC meeting held on April 3rd. She was asking the County for help to stop this from happening. If Mr. O’Neil is correct, then the County could not do anything.

For two reasons it would not be possible. One is that the Governor’s order supersedes any local jurisdiction and it permits that use. Second, the County has no authority to do anything about the situation within the boundaries of Ocean Breeze.


Ocean Breeze has its own authority as a chartered municipality. As a municipality it gave Sun Communities the right in the PUD agreement to rent RV spaces until January 2021. The governor’s order notwithstanding, the Council now must live with the agreement until the end of the year even if the dreaded RVs are from New York and they are fleeing the pandemic.


Going to the County and thinking they can solve your problem because you changed your mind on the terms of a PUD goes against every principal, I have heard the Mayor express about home rule. The County is not in charge of any city. I am all for cooperation and teamwork, this is not that.


The Mayor’s letters to the County can be found at:







The Town did not receive very much input from Sun Communities at the long-awaited hurricane meeting.


And herein is the problem with the fundamental nature of Ocean Breeze. It became a municipality so that the Hoke family, which owned it all, could better control their trailer park. It wasn’t about home rule or local decision making. It was about control by one family. There is no way that the state would allow for incorporation today.


Sun Communities, the owner of the original Hoke trailer park, has really made a vast change to that area. No one could argue it isn’t better. Ocean Breeze remains a company town. Sun owns the land and, while they must conform to the PUD Agreement they have with the Town, they still hold the upper hand. It is a shame that when the residents had an opportunity to buy the park and then own the ground, they couldn’t pull it off.


The Town consists of three distinct areas. There is the Publix Center that is controlled by the owner of the center, there are the new homes in the rear of the Town that will be governed by their homeowners’ association and then the Sun portion. Once the homeowners begin paying Town taxes, the squawking by them will begin in earnest. The tax rate is way too high for the level of service.


Ocean Breeze has the highest combined millage rate in the County at 21.6038. It is higher than Stuart and Jupiter Island which have their own Public Safety Departments. Sewall’s Point has a Police Department and buys Fire/Rescue from Stuart. Ocean Breeze has a part time clerk, finance person, and Terry O’Neil, the Town Consultant, is part time as is the Attorney. There is very little infrastructure.


Sun Communities can ignore the Town because Sun Communities, along with Publix and the new home association, are the Town. There must be some value for the taxes paid. The government must be able to have ordinances that can be enforced. Ocean Breeze must serve all the people in Town including the new ones moving there.


Sun will continue to do the minimum. And at some point, the new folks will begin to revolt because of the high taxes, besides paying association dues for internal infrastructure. This Council and staff better get out in front before the revolution begins


The next Meeting of Ocean Breeze will be March 9, 2020 at 10:30 am


February 23, 2020 Edition

One of the impressive things about Ocean Breeze is the large number of people that turn out for the meetings.


Both Kate Cotner from FPL and Robyn Cryer from the U.S. Census gave brief presentations.


There also was a presentation of the budget to date which can be found at this link:






At the last meeting, the Council decided to move forward with a professional services contract for improvements to West End Avenue. Staff recommended Marcela Camblor to do the work. The contract calls for two stages with a total of $5700.00. The second stage, in the amount of $2500 of the total, won’t proceed without Council approval. The money will come from Ocean Breeze’s portion of the gas tax receipts fund which is $81,000.


Camblor has and continues to do substantial work for Sun Communities. While this road belongs to the Town, most of the streets are the responsibility of Sun Communities. She has all the dimensions and conditions because of her association with the developer so that is a plus. It may seem like a conflict, but I guess it is not.



During public comment there was a lot of complaining.


One resident was moving out of the park after having been born and raised there because of its changing nature. Apparently, she had a run-in with another resident because of the park’s rules or was it because of the Town’s ordinances. Hard to tell.


Several others were complaining because Sun had recommended contractors that were not properly licensed. Sun’s private building inspector had certified that work was done to code but hadn’t been. Larry Massing, acting as the Town’s Building Official, is in the process of documenting the problems.


Who is responsible for what? Sun owns the land and is in charge of the common elements of the park. Each house sits on someone else’s property. The Town government’s “territory” is essentially divided into three parts; the park, the shopping center, and the new homes that are being completed in the rear. The park is controlled by Sun, the homes by the builder (but will shortly be controlled by a homeowner’s association) and the shopping center by that owner.


The Town’s authority to regulate is through the PUD Agreements. This leaves residents with a feeling that things can fall through the cracks. For example, if a street within the park needs repair, it is Sun’s responsibility. Homeowners would complain to Sun, and if the road wasn’t repaired, the Town could code enforce Sun because of the PUD Agreement.


It is more complicated than in most municipalities. Incorporation of Ocean Breeze would not happen today. The Town government would more than likely be called a homeowner’s association.



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Next Meeting February 14, 2020 at 9:00 AM

Ocean Breeze Latest News



At the first meeting of the year, Former Council Member Ann Kagdis received an award from the Florida Municipal Trust. As an elected official she served on that board for many years. The Trust is the insurance arm of the Florida League of Cities. It was a good way for them to show their appreciation for Ann’s service.


Mayor Ostrand wanted the Council to approve going out to bid for a feasibility study regarding West End Avenue. The entire Council felt that the street was dangerous. Ostrand mentioned several times that this was only the beginning of the process. Council Member Gerold wants the study to be paid from the Town’s share of the gas receipts.


A motion was made by Docherty and seconded by Arnold to have the Town Consultant prepare the RFP.




Back in October the Council gave Sun Communities an agreement which, if signed, would have allowed the construction of docks to proceed without going through amending the PUD. That supposedly would have been quicker. The Town’s attorney and Sun’s attorney would easily come to an agreement.


As of this meeting there is no agreement. It seems that when government tries to circumvent their processes, it isn’t any faster. There are technical reasons why a meeting of the minds did not occur. This Council is composed of no experts on these matters.


Staff asked that this go through the PUD process. A motion was made by Wagner and seconded by Docherty to do just that. It passed 5-0.



For many years Ann Kagdis was the Council’s representative to the Treasure Coast Regional League of Cities, Florida League of Cities, and the different committees. Ostrand had been the alternate. She had been learning the ropes from Ann. When Ann was defeated in her reelection bid last year, Ostrand stood in as her alternate. She fully expected to become the representative of Ocean Breeze.


President De Angeles, though, believed it was his turn. He requested the appointment. A battle for FLC was joined. It was so hard for the Council to decide that Gerold motioned to put the item to the end of the meeting (which was 2 items hence). When they took it back up, Ann Kagdis spoke stating that Karen had forged relationships, walked the halls in Tallahassee, and made contacts throughout the region.


That turned the tide! Ostrand was appointed.


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